Extension Building

i am creating extension using github dependency.
extension is build successfully but it not working in app inventor and other builder.
is there any way to solve this problem i added .jar and .aar file both.


Have you used UsesLibraries annotation?
NoClassDefFoundError is mostly thrown when you try to access the class which was available at compile time but it was not available at runtime.

yes i added both aar and jar

If so then please show your code.

thank for reply.
what happens if i am using my own app inventor i mean offline version then it work ?
then it works or not ?

Not, you can't use resources only the classes.

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ken i am asking for as component not as extension ?

As a component it should work. The Maps component makes use of this because it relies on osmdroid, which is packaged as an aar. You have to pull out the classes.jar file for building the components package and reference both the jar and aar files in @UsesLibraries. When you build the companion app, it will generate the resource classes similar to how it is done in the standard Android build system.

thank you so much sir

wow good job :+1: :smiley: :+1: