Extend the view of Listview

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I can't seem to find a way to extend the height of my listview so it shows more selection of my list variable.

Here's my listview, it only show the first row. I would like it to show all the data show it fill up the white space below. I have tried adjusting the block height to fill parent but that does not seem to do the trick.

The data is actually there, if I press the down key I can browse through my listview data one by one but I would like it to extend the view by default.

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The link given isn't working.

Also, please import the image, instead of sending a link:

Thanks @NishyanthKumar for looking into this.

I'm not sure, but you could use a ListPicker.

It's basically a combination of a Button and a ListView. It appears on the screen as a button, but when you click on it, it'll expand to fit the whole screen, as a list.

You still have the the Elements component too.

Set listview height to fill parent, turn off screen scrollable. Listview will then scroll.


Thanks a lot, that works.

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