Exposed beyond app through intent.getdata

I have an app which uses andexplorer called through activity starter. It worked fine for years, but now when I buld and reinstall it it I get an “exposed beyond app through intent.getdata”.

Google has not been helpful, mainly because anything I do find gets too technical for me. I gather though that it’s something to do with changing file access permissions in later versions of Android.

How do fix this? I don’t necessarily need to use andexplorer, I just want to be able to select a file. The directory will always be the same if that helps.

see this answer from @SteveJG in the old forum

Google removed the ability to use file:/// as a security change with intents (the ActivityStarter is how AI2 uses intents) File:// is not permitted in an Intent anymore on Android 7+. If it is used, it will throw FileUriExposedException


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Hola mucho gusto!

Disculpa que te escriba, pero estoy con algunos problemas y quiero ver si puedes ayudarme con algunas cosas, uno de mis problemas es el mismo aqui planteado. Tengo una aplicacion que usa andexplorer y funciona muy bien, pero cambiamos las maquinas y estas traen android 10 y ya no funciona la aplicacion.
Me podras ayudar??

Quedo atento, gracias