Exporting my Apps

I dont know what I have done but I create an app and test it, it works. When I export it to my pc the acrobat reader is doing something and then I cant even open it. I know its something I have done and I need someone to help me fix it.

You cannot open an AIA or APK file on the PC. You are meant to open the APK file on an Android device to install the app, or import the AIA file into App Inventor.

Okay that makes sense but how do I get it so I can upload it for my assignment?

Teachers in my school made this video. Watch it to upload the file.

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Thank you for the video! I think I am not understanding what I am supposed to upload. I was able to drag app to the desktop and put it in a folder. I have a cover letter and my app (which maybe I should take screenshots of) and submitted it. I will just keep working reading and trying stuff, I don't want to fail.

Thank you for the quick help,

What are exactly the assignment guidelines?

Refer to the video in post #4. You can save the .aia file to your computer, and attach it to your assignment.

And please don't forget to include

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Another way to share a project is to add it it to the Gallery.
(Look for the Add to Gallery button to appear when you check your project's check box in the Project list.)

Once you have added your project to the Gallery, you can add documentation to it and share a link to it.

Yes, Gallery is good to communicate AI2 projects, but with one restriction that it won't allow aia with extension(s) if any.

For sharing the project, there is a open issue reported in github to address this.