Export Limit Reached, Max 30mb, Your file is 44.2mb

Help me please!
I made a music app (basic spotify)
Trying to export it but guess what?
File size too big. I tried to export it from code.mit but then ill have to remake the whole app. Im super scared because all my hard work is down the drain


I dont understand how to download Android Keystore. Where do i download it?
Thanks for your help

in App Inventor: Projects - Download Keystore

You might want to think about why the App is so big. For example, if you are using images, ensure they are optimised for Android.

Does your App use a lot of screens? If so, are they all really, absolutely necessary? A common mistake is to have several screens to display images - however, the User can only see one screen at a time, so instead of swapping screens, swap the images on the same screen.


My app is a song app.
It might be that i've stored all the songs in the "media" tab rather than sourcing them.
Is there anyway to use like google drive links, and using a player you can play/pause/stop the songs? Ive done the play/pause/stop with files in the media tab, but do you know of a way to do it with a link? Thanks!

Also, cant find the download keystore option.

Try Export Keystore

Export seems to be greyed out.


I see. Ill build a burner project for the keystore.

Yes, it is basically no problem to stream (play, pause, stop) an audio track (via Google Drive or whatever). However, you have to use a foreground service so that the sound does not stop after a short time when the app goes into the background and/or the device is in idle mode. (Search for "radio app", "streaming", "radio").

If you want to keep a big media app under 30MB and want to be able to use the app offline, the audio files should be downloaded when the app is started for the first time (into the ASD) and the songs/sounds should then be played from there. If you (like me) want to avoid direct access to the audio files, you should download the audio files to the PrivateDir (internal storage). This storage is not accessible to users without root access.

Otherwise, follow my guide that @Taifun referred to. The limit for an app (AAB) in the Play Store is 150MB.

Thanks so much!
If possible, could you send a screenshot on how to do this?
I've been working on this app for a while as a new dev, and am really sad to see it wont work.


(... on how to do what?)

Here is a procedure you could try to dig yourself out of this hole.

(I once has a sample app that was so bloated with Media files, that attempting to delete them in the app would time out.)

The procedure is based on the AI2 ability to copy (Ctrl-C) entire Screens in the Designer, along with the event blocks of its components, and paste (Ctrl-V) them into fresh empty Screens in a new Project.

A fresh Project should be created, and populated with empty screens with the same name as in the original Project.

For each Screen in the original Project, select its screen name in the component hierarchy and press Ctrl-C to copy the Screen in the Designer.
Switch to the new Project, then into the same Screen just copied, highlight its Screen component, and do a paste (Ctrl-V). The components should appear in the Designer, and some (but not all) of the blocks in the Blocks Editor.

These blocks would not ride along with the components in the copy:

  • global init blocks
  • procedures

You would have to copy them manually, using either the backPack or thru well named .png downloads and Blocks Editor drag and drop.

(There are right click options in the Blocks Editor to sort blocks by type, that should make this easier to traverse.)

Once you are done with all this and have resolved all blocks errors, you should have a post-liposuction version of your app, with all the screens, components, and blocks, but no Media files.

Check its Project Properties for details you did not copy, then proceed to change the new app to do downloads at first run, as discussed elsewhere.

Sorry I don't know if I am allowed to say this but with kodular premium an paid alternative the max file size is much bigger. You can export the AIA and import it their. Unity and Playmaker could also be an option but then you start from scratch.


The aia limit on this server is 50MB: http://code.appinventor.mit.edu/

Interesting. Didn't know that. For his use that's perfect.