Expandable listview

I hope to find help here in using an “expandable listview” extension of DeepHost.
Of course I have to go back to its creator, but maybe someone here to meet this error code that I do not understand index: 1 size: 1


That sounds like the listview in the extension is 0-indexed. That would mean that the first element of the listview would have index 0 rather than 1, and an index of 1 is too large for a listview of size 1.

MIT App Inventor components are indexed starting with 1 because that’s more intuitive for beginners. However, most programming languages use 0 indexing.


Thanks for your answer ! So what can i do ?
I’m talking about this block
In a demo file here is the way is used :slight_smile:

it seems static i want replace “the make list” bloc whit list i have filled


I don’t know how the extension works. Could you post your blocks using it?


this is the way it works i can send the demo file
it works on my device
it seems to be static
as if we have to know in advance how the lists are made because the use of “make a list” block

Expendable_ListView1.aia (163.9 KB)


I expect you are able to change any of the values (Title_List, Sub_Title_List, etc.) to a different list using the “make a list” block.

However, you won’t be able to do it with the big Create_List block from the extension. Each value you can change probably has its own get and set blocks.

Could you describe what you’re trying to do with this component? What does the “make a list” block look like that you have created?