Exchange Data Between Multiple Users

I created an app for my students. They should entry everyday the number of pages they read. This data will be stored in database. I will display on my screen a list of my students and the values they sent to database.

What is your question Nurullah?

App Inventor can share database information among multiple users.
CloudDB and FirebaseDB store data 'in the cloud' where the app can access the data from multiple devices. A Google spreadsheet can be used as a database. These data solutions can all be used with Blocks to

I tried an example, but built so many if blocks, the inventor works now very slow. How can I store 5 different values for each user and then get them on the lists on my screen? Could you write an example for 3 different users and 5 different values for each one?

The secret simplification is to assume there will be an unbounded number that you can't predict in advanced, and code using lists and tables (lists of lists).

For 3 users with 5 values each, I would keep this in one of two possible ways (there are probably more ways than this.)

  • A table with 2 columns (user,value) per row, with 15 rows (5 rows per each of 3 users) or
  • a dictionary with a key for each of the 3 users, and each user's value is a list (or dictionary) of their 5 values.