Excessively Long compile times

Hi, lately I have been getting excessively long compile times. I am trying to build basic, single screen apps with less than 20 blocks and getting compile times that are 5 to 10 minutes. It is not my internet, I have 500 megabit, and it is not my computer as I have a core i7 10700, 16gb RAM and an RTX 2060.

If possible, I'd like to do the compiling locally on my computer, i.e., download the AIA file and have software on my machine that will compile it into an APK.

Hello and welcome Kasen

MIT App Inventor 2 is cloud based. It is a Web based app. It does not compile locally on your PC.

The following compilers are provided by third party vendors and are 'versions' or clones of App Inventor that are not necessarily compatible with the latest version of App Inventor. Import your aia to one of these and it might work as an alternative to AI2.

AI2Offline - ramiro-pa

App Inventor Other Versions - Taifun

If you use one of these compilers, the aia you produce might not longer be compatible with the App Inventor 2. MIT does not provide support for any of these.

This is what I was looking for, thank you!

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