Excel Formula to MIT APP

Hi There.

I'm new to this and my Math skills are .... suspect sometimes.
I have 2 operations maybe more I'm trying to get to work, in Excel i get the formula to act as expected but cant do the same in the blocks.

Any ideas?
My1st formula
Hollow Grinding Height Calculator. Please enter the Diameter of the Contact Wheel (D), Material Thickness (T) & Edge Thickness (E) in mm & the maximum bevel height will be Calculated.
Formula: H = √((D÷2)² - ((D÷2) - ((T-E)÷2))²).

From Excel is =SQRT((A3/2)^2-((A3/2)-((B3-C3)/2))^2)


the long way

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That makes sense but now... on my Screen I have 3 Cells for input values & then the Answer Cell.
So D, T & E are number only values the user will input, H would be the answer.
Trying to initialize... the app wont work... I can input any number i like but the formula is not actually running.

Included the variables....

Draggable block (click once to enlarge then drag to blocks editor)

Thank But i cant find the Blocks Editor.. or to get it to look like your layout.
Do you have a step by step or a video?

Hello @Daryl_Garner-Savory,
the blocks editor is here:

Click on the button and the blocks editor page opens. or are you asking something else ?

No, I cant seem to match the blocks

Sorry, but I can't understand your issue.
Is your screen showing the Blocks button, or not ?
Have you implemented what @TIMAI2 has said ?
Before trying further attempts probably you can find some hints here:
Or post your .aia

Right click blocks and look for the option to switch them between inline and external sockets.

How do you get the blocks to read the user inputs, run the calculation & put out an answer?

Search the Gallery for 'calculator'.

Here an example project

hollowgrindingheight.aia (2.7 KB)