Excel file: when I save it to csv, appear problems with strange characters

Other problem
I use a excel file: when I save it to csv, appear problems with strange characters( see image)
Then I concatenate columns in excel and copy it to txt file.
I imported it to list, and appear with () in a listview.
But when I get one element of the list to a label, appears something like this: [[“the”,“di”,…
I want to get, only the first word.
I use split tex, with a ,
but I get [[“the” with index 1
I only need the word: the, without any more
How could I do?

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thank you


you have to store the csv file in UTF-8 format

after converting the csv file into a list of lists, you can see the beginning of the JSON format (the leading 2 brackets)

to get only the first item of each sublist, you can use a for each in list loop
select the first item of each sublist and add it into another list
in the end display the new list in the listpicker

see also tip 4 here about how to use Do it to debug your blocks

it also might help to do some tutorials...
in your case especially how to work with lists...


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Using UTF format, not solves the problem, continues appearing strange characters. I finally used concatenation columns separated with “,” and copy the column made to a new file.txt with copy/paste.
With two splits, I was able to get the field without external characters( see image)
From [[“the”,“ðiː”,“el(artículo)”,“o(artigo)”] I retrieve the to the Notifier
Thanks for your help
It’s nice to have the feeling of not being alone! :slightly_smiling_face: