Example using Action in Activity Starter, to run another MIT App

I see a lot of examples using Action in calling services on the Web with Activity Starter.
I'd like to see how Action can be used calling another app created by MIT App Inventor.

from the documentation:

We will have to think about how to implement this on iOS. It will probably require changing some of the build infrastructure (which is still under development) to uniquely identify App Inventor apps based on their package name or some other unique string and then rewriting the ActivityStarter call to launch the app.

Hi Timai2,
I read the doc, thanks. I understand that "Action" is not useful for calling another app created by MIT App Inventor, as they can be invoked only “explicitly” by using package names and class names. Am I correct ?

Why not try it and let us know how you get on...

Starting Other App Inventor Applications
You can use the Activity Starter to start another app that was created with App Inventor.   This is similar to using OpenAnotherScreen in multiple screen applications, except that now we’re dealing with two separate applications rather than two screens within a single application.  To open the other application, you need to know its package name and class name. If you have the source code of the App Inventor app (aia file), you can find these names as follows:

Download the source code to your computer.
Using a file explorer or unzip utility, find the file called youngandroidproject/project.properties .
The first line will start with " main= ". Everything after that is the package and class name.

For example, here is a first line you might see for an App named HelloPurr.


The ElsaArendelle part of the name comes from the App Inventor user account.

To start this app, you would use an activity starter component and set these properties:

ActivityPackage: appinventor.ai_ElsaArendelle.HelloPurr

ActivityClass: appinventor.ai_ElsaArendelle.HelloPurr.Screen

Invoking the activity starter's StartActivity method will start HelloPurr. When HelloPurr finishes (if it does), the original app's AfterActivity method will be invoked.

If you are going to start another App Inventor app, make sure you use the correct package name. For example, if someone posts the source code (aia file) for an app, and you repackage that app, you'll end up with a different package name than the original.

Hi Timai2,
I already tried this method some days ago and it works. Thanks.
I initially thought that using "Action" field was also another way to do the same. I was wrong.
Thanks for your support.