Everything in my mit app project broke

hi, my layouts, items(like: button, pictures ,etc.), canvas and sprites all have broke. The size items in the layout and sprites all became automatic or random. Some layout were unable to control (even in the editor) and the whole thing got stuck. I tried reloading several times but nothing helped.(i need the project to participate the mit apathon this year but i still have a lotto work on) Does anyone know why and how? i need to find the solution fast because the due date of the apathon is july 31, which is very near.

I can not help you with what caused it, but i hope you also made frequent backups since this is an important project. Did you loose your internet connection while saving? Did you have multiple instances open of the same project? Just guessing.

For now I hope you will be able to correct all this, i think that it is the "best" thing you can do under the time pressure of the Appathon.

Did you experience this before?


Have you used tables in your project?

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I had found out that it was one of my layouts that was glitched. whenever i opened that layout my whole project would break and cause all the above problems. I deleted the layout and everything went normal again. Idk why did this happen but im glad its fixed for now(i hope). Thx very much for responding for my problem.

well not yet. i only used horizontal, horizontal scroll, vertical arrangement

This happens when you paste a layout into another. This corrupts the project for an unknown reason. Please refrain from doing this, as it may destroy your whole project. Although I have to add, there might be other ways it could get corrupted.

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Oh so that's why my project collapsed. Thx for replying to my question, i really appreciate it. Hope you have a great day!

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You too!