Event Handler for Whatsapp Message

Is there an event handler which can notify/alert one of incoming whatsapp messages and allow one to perform some action upon receipt of the messages?
Something like event handler for when a phone message is received.

App Inventor 2 does not have a Whatsapp component. It is not reasonable to expect an EventHandler for what does not exist.

Component Documentation references tools that have EventHandlers

The Sharing component can be used with Whatsapp but Sharing does not have any Events.

There is nothing like the event handler for when a phone message is received.


I don't think, that Whatsapp offers an API to detect that...
but if you are able to find an API, then we can take a look, if this could be implemeted as extension


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Trouble is…I can’t😂

You are not alone, TnJT, WhatsApp is intentionally a closed system without a free API for external access. Be grateful what a developer can do. There is a whatsap business api It appears most developers would not be able to qualify to use it in my opinion. See Overview

Thanks Taifun and Steve.

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