Evaluation Form

I am working on a school project and i wonder if i can make an evaluation form for my App, in my App. Like, click on an button to start fill the evaluation form by the user and then gather all answers somewhere so i can have an image of my assessment and be able to present it. Any suggestions?

Thank you all for your time!

On a separate screen of your App perhaps? Labels to hold the questions and Text Boxes for the User to enter their answers. Plus a "Finished" Button which behind the scenes triggers the assembly of a CSV file for export, or perhaps a screen capture (but I assume several people would be using the app and therefore a CSV file from each could be used to make a chart).

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How about a link to a Google Form to collect the evaluations, and a separate summary downloaded from the Google Sheet?

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I try to put a WebViewer and the google form's url in it and it works! i did a test and the answer came back on the google form site!!! thnks a lot!

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