EV3 Rotating robot .RotateSyncIndefinately doesn't seem to be working

Hi, so I am trying to create an app to move my robot. All of the Ev3Motor blocks seem to work, except the .RotateSyncIndefinately, .RotatesyncInDistance and .RotateSyncInDuration Blocks. I'm not sure if I am doing something wrong, but this is the only block that I am having issues with in the motor section. I have attached a screenshot below.

@reynvia, I found this on MIT app inventors tutorials so I am not sure this will work but maybe it will:
Here is a screenshot:


@reynvia, Here is a tutorial if you want to know how to make your robot move:


Hi, I didn't try that method, but I did try some others on MITApp Inventor, but couldn't get it to turn. I don't have the robot anymore to try this, but I did come up with a solution to get it to turn.
Thanks so much for your help though.

I used two separate motor components, and in the properties changed them both from ABC to motor1 being port A and motor2 being port B.

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