EULA check box - need to know blocks and where to put a long text of Terms and Conditions

Hello Folks, here's yet another tricky thing that I'm trying find a solution for. EULA check box which goes on the splash screen. Thanks everyone in advance for your time and help

p.s. i was thinking about skipping it and just put it on the app's website or profile but my attorney told me it is only legally binding if users click yes or no upon downloading the app

What is tricky about it?

See also here:

Hi Tim, sorry for the late response. I don't know how to build it and have no idea what blocks I need. I don't even know where to start from. Does it have anything to do with the tiny DB? There's a youtube tutorial (the only one on the web that I was able to find so far) but it's in Italian for an older version of the app inventor, it is also blurry. If you have any idea how create a EULA box, please share it with me. Thanks a million, enjoy your weekend!!!

See this aia project for a simple EULA acceptance routine

TandCs.aia (4.4 KB)

thank you so much Tim, just by looking at the blocks I'm not sure there's a block to put in the text of my EULA for users to read before saying yes or no. How do I put in the actual text of the agreement?

Also, Tim, since screen one is my splash screen set for 3 seconds to show my logo how do I combine splash screen and the acceptance routine? Based on the aia file that you attached, there's a text and a button in the designer section which means I won't be able to have a splash screen. Is there anyway to make the check box appear after the splash screen loads BUT before users get to the main content? I'm sorry for keeping on bothering you with endless questions but this one is pretty important. Thanks in advance

App_Pro basta che tu inserisca una TextBox dove andrai ad aggiungere tutte le condizioni che riguardano l'EULA. Quindi se cliccano sulla CheckBox1; allora vorrà dire che hanno accettato le condizioni e cosi al prossimo riavvio dell'app, non comparirà più la TextBox dato che avrai aggiunto un Tag di accettazione delle condizioni nel TinyDB1.

You can use a textbox or label (better) to set your EULA text. You can do this either directly in the designer (like I did) or set your label with the EULA text in the blocks

You will have to decide if you want your EULA check before your splash screen or after it, then work out the logic for that to happen. Hopefully you are using virtual screens (like I did) for your splash as well, then the logic becomes easy....

Hi Nicola, thanks for trying to help. May I kindly ask you to show me blocks for the single prompt EULA based on what you described to me in your response?

Why not try yourself, then report back if you have issues? This way you will learn...not just copy.

Tim, you are right, I should. I'm trying to roll out the app as soon as possible and currently busy with the website and facebook public page for it, so I thought I would save some time. I will work on it though for the sake of learning, I might need this kind of knowledge in the long run. We'll stay in touch