EU-Law Admob Promotion - Free Admob Plugin Available?

Hello, my question is for developers who are located in Europe. There is supposed to be an EU law that says that if you advertise in apps, you have to register on a special platform where you have to pay 100 euros per month in order to be allowed to use such advertising at all. Google had a notice in Admob about 1-2 years ago that this registration would be necessary. Is this information correct? It seems quite a lot to me, you often don't make that much revenue with advertising.

I would also like to know if anyone knows if there is a new version of an Admob plugin that is ideally free of charge and that can be used for Admob advertising? I am no longer up to date and the plugin market is quite confusing.

Can someone please help with this information? Thank you very much!
Kind regards

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You must have to show ConsentForm to EA/EU users. There are few extensions available with ConsentForm blocks.

All free extensions is now deprecated. You might take a look into Extension Directory.

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