Estimated time arrival

How to get the estimated time arrival between 2 points

Some factors you would need to consider:

  • method of travel (walking, cycling, driving, flying) & type of vehicle (e.g. a bus would be slower than a Ferrari)
  • route taken
  • speed that can be travelled at for each part of the route (speed limits)
  • traffic, roadworks
  • time of day
  • weather

You would also need to "navigate" the route...

Welcome Cindy.

Several ways after considering Tim's advice:

Event indicating that a request has finished and has returned data. The following parameters are provided:

  • directions: A list of text directions, such as “Turn left at Massachusetts Avenue”.
  • points: A list of (latitude, longitude) points that represent the path to take. This can be passed to LineString’s Points to draw the line on a Map.
  • distance: Estimated distance for the route, in meters.
  • duration: Estimated duration for the route, in seconds.
    • calculate it (the estimated time of arrival if you know the distance and average speed).

To find the time taken by driving
Distance covered by your route = 120km
Average peed of a car = 60 km/hr

Using Formula of Time,
Time = Distance/Speed
= 120/60
= *2 hr

Time left a point: 3 pm
3pm + 2 hr = 5pm estimated arrival time


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