ESP32-Cam control App and Timelapse

Hi all, here is my ESP32-Cam App, still in testing and work in progress but working. Please give me feedback and suggestions. The link below is pointing to my web page, where Drive links to Arduino firmware, apk and aia files can be found.

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can you send .aia file link, link in webpage is incomplete. Thanks

What is wrong with the link/s. Everything there is working OK?

It is incomplete and I need the help of the poster

Sorry for not watching all and thank you: v

Hello, I want to watch the live video from IP http://192. 168. 4.1 of the ESP32-CAM, how do I do, I just want to see the picture. Please help me on how to create an app

hello, when loading the aia file a large part is missing is this normal? thank you

what do you mean with 'a large part is missing'?

thanks for your reply, this is what i have.

Did you try looking at the "Home" screen? This aia project has two screens: Screen1 & Home.

there is only the home screen! nothing else

I reload three times and it came ????
but it's unstable, at times I have more blocks?
Thanks for your help

when i type in my ip address with port, (192.168.XX.XX: XXXX) i have an error message: incorrect address, while it works in vlc?