ESP32-C3-mini BLE problem

Hi. I have an app running on phone to ESP32-WROOM which I now need to convert to ESP32-C3-mini prior to implementation.

Obviously harder than it might seem.

I'm using Mo Thunder's explanation on setting up 2-way connection between the phone and C3-mini via BLE, but falling at the first hurdle.

Here's my (very simple, so far) blocks

But when I try to connect I get a lot of null connections:

I have no idea what I'm doing wrong

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Have I put this query in the wrong place?

If I read things correctly, your are connecting OK to an ESP32-WROOM (whatever that is...), but not connecting to an ESP32-C3-mini (whatever that is...) - using the same method, or Mo Thunder's method ? What does the C3-mini require that the WROOM does not ?

Never heard of Mo Thunder's explanation, enlighten us with a link ?

Ah. OK.

Create a BLE app for your mobile phone! Control an ESP32 with BLE (

The ESP32-WROOM is an ESP32 which apparently uses a different protocol from the ESP32-C3-mini which I'm going to implement. The C3-mini doesn't allow basic bluetooth, and only allows BLE.

Thanks for the reply. And consideration.

The ESP32-C3 is based on the RISC-V architecture, which differs from the Tensilica Xtensa architecture used in the ESP32. This can lead to compatibility issues with libraries that were written specifically for the ESP32’s architecture.