ESP32 Bluetooth connection to Android takes more than 2 min

Hi, I am new to AI2 and my knowledge is very basic. I try to learn from people's projects.

I have written an AI2 project to control my FM radio module attached to my ESP32 via BT. The Android app is supposed to connect to ESP32 via BT and change the sound and station. Very simple and straightforward as my first project.

The problem is that when I pick up the BT device from the list (which is obviously my ESP32) the AI2 application on my Android cellphone stops responding and forces me to close it. I have to try several times to connect which takes almost 2 minutes. After that the Android App connects to ESP32 and does the job. why is that? I do not know why the AI2 android App does not connect instantaneously to ESP32 while my cellphone is already connected. I appreciate any help.