ESP32, BLE and Payload limit

Newbie here with no experience of Bluetooth.
I am creating an app to control a stepper motor from a mobile device. I have BLE communication functioning between ESP32 and Android Device. I can set Speed or Measurement units (imperial/metric) and so on.

So I want to store some user defined bookmarks of the stepper motor position. This requires the message to include
Bookmark Message Identifier (this message relates to bookmarks)
Bookmark ID (which bookmark)
Motor Position to Save
Name for Bookmark
and inevitably I have run into the 23 character limit.

So I need some basic advice on how to manage this:
a) I increase the MTU (I have read on the forum that this is only possible for Byte Arrays and not for Strings?)
b) I save the bookmarks in a TinyDB on the Android (this means that the bookmarks are lost if the user gets a new phone)
c) I send separate BLE messages for Motor Position and Bookmark Name (this still limits the length of the name that the user can use - takes me back to the days of DOS 5 :frowning:

Any advice on best practice here would be appreciated before I disappear down a rabbit hole.
Many thanks.

Consider sending your data in the format name:value, one per message.
To separate the name and value, split at ':' and use list items 1 and 2 of the resulting list (select list item).

Thanks ABG. That sounds better than changing the MTU.