ESP-NOW with mit app inventor

Hi! I would like to know If anyone ever manage to use ESP-NOW protocol with mit app inventor. I nkow how to use it with esp boards with Arduino IDE, but apparently mit app inventor is only capable to use Wi-Fi only with local network. Is it possíble to use it offline? Thanks in advance

You can connect directly to the ESP if you set it up in AP mode. However, You can not use ESP-NOW communication because it works on data-link layer. App inventor cannot do that. Only work on application layer. Maybe can go down to transport layer with an extension but I do not think it can go deeper than that.

Thank you so much for the advice. Regards

Hi @Nuno_Teixeira,
in the next tutorial You find how to configure a Wi-Fi Web Server and ESP-NOW network at the same time, so You can connect to the web server and then send or receive data to the ESP-NOW network using the web server as "bridge".

Best Regards