Errors "Server error: could not build target. PLease try again later"


Have tried to build apk for last 30 mins and it is indicating this error. Seems builder is down, could someone check on it? thanks a lot in advance


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Which server are you using ?

Thanks for the reply

sorry, do not know how to know the server Im using. where can I get this info?


It seems both the aia and code servers are not building at the moment (28/01/2023 11:20 GMT)

Will alert MIT

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thanks! will wait then to be restore


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Same thing, nothing to do but wait!

@TIMAI2 Hi for past 8 hours am unable to build because of this "server Error" ANy help on this?

Thanks for confirming

The issue should be fixed.

yes i am also facing this problem

Hello, last night and until this morning i cannot build one of my projects but then I tried to build other project it is working except for my recent work which is our final project in school :cry: