Errors in translation of blocks in Dutch

The if then... else if... else
now gets translated in Dutch to
Als dan ... of als dan ... else
als dan ... anders als ... anders

Same for :
als dan... else
should be
als dan ... anders

Maybe @Sander0542 or @bartmathijssen could could confirm this and make the appropriate changes?

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Hi Dirk,

Thank you for your topic. You are right in finding the else error that is not being translated yet. The other change you suggested is harder to follow. Is this something that is different in Flemish Dutch and Dutch Dutch? I still think the als dan .... of als dan ..... anders is better.



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When i look at the strings the "else" is translated into "anders" but i don't know why it is not visible in the builder.

If necessary we can discuss this in Dutch :grin:

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Ik heb het even geprobeerd in het Nederlands. Zie het woord else als anders.

Ik vraag even de mening van een andere PowerUser erbij die ook uit Nederland komt.

@ghica zou jij hier ook je mening over kunnen geven?

I'm not convinced of "of als".
OF in dutch means OR in English. ANDERS in Dutch is ELSE in English.
So for me ANDERS is better. See also the translation of If ... then else in Scratch.

See also ANDERS ALS in app inventor(bottom of the picture):
Schermafdruk van 2020-09-14 18-57-33

According to me, if we translate ELSE by ANDERS, we should translate ELSE IF as ANDERS ALS


I am thinking that you are right. I find it strange that in one window it says "anders als" and in the other "of als".


I agree that “anders als” is better.

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There are changes in the strings represented in weblate that have not been rolled into production. the translation refactor, which I put up in testing recently, has to be in production before the individual languages can be updated.

@Dirk_De_Muynck If you would like to contribute to the Dutch translation, you can create an account at and let me know on this thread or via private message. I will grant you permission to translate.

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