Errore di caricamento

11 minutes, 09 second

I think that an mp3 file with a length of 11 minutes can be compressed with good quality to about 10MB.
The phone doesn't have good speakers anyway to hear all the details from high quality mp3's.

Download it to the app on first run.

I believe you can only upload files of <5mb to the media folder in designer/blocks editor.

For what it is worth, using Audacity, I exported a 12 minute audio file (music) using ogg format at 80mHz (Level 1) which returned a 6.4mb file. Quality was OK for mobile phone.

@TIMAI2 I followed your advice to use Audacity, in fact the size of the Mp3 file went from 25.5 MB to 8.37 MB; but despite all keeps telling me that the file is too big.
P.s: Although I kept uploading the project, on the server it admits up to 50MB.

as I said....

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You are absolutely right, sorry. So how can I load it into the app on first run?

Where will you store the file online ?

How could I save it online?

Well you could use your google drive ?

It is no problem to add a ~25 MB MP3 file to the assets using 7-Zip or WinRAR.
(or a 45 MB file on this server:

Unfortunately although I have compressed the mp3 file with WinRar bringing it to 7.19 Mb; the server keeps telling me that the file is too i think @TIMAI2 is right about the limitation to < 5mb

Yes, but as I said:

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I used WinRar and the problem persists.

Which problem?
I checked it again and added a 11 MB MP3 file to the assets using 7-Zip and imported this aia.
The MP3 is in the Media...

You can also add big assets later... see here:

@Anke I downloaded APK Editor Studio, downloaded keystore "android.keystore" and renamed it "android.ks" and finally uploaded the file; What are the steps to take now?

Herewith a simple example (works with companion app):

DownloadOnFirstRun (1).aia (2.5 KB)

Thanks @Anke @Patryk_F @TIMAI2 for your precious support; but in the end I simply thought of using Audacity to split the 7.66 Mb Mp3 file into two parts, the first of 3.64 Mb and the second of 3.93 Mb. Good evening

As I said several times, adding files larger than 5MB to assets is not a problem when doing it with 7-Zip or WinRAR.

So what's your problem?