Error "Yandex returned error code 502"

this working at my side.
problem with your internet connection?

¿Hay espacios en blanco ahi? Debería ser únicamente un guión, sin espacios.

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sip, solo tiene el guion

I don't think so, the connection I have is fine, I thought it was something in the programme.

Ese error también se genera si estás intentando traducir una cadena vacía. Por lo que sería recomendable que protejas la llamada al bloque de traducción para que solo se llame si CampoDeTexto1 no está vacío.

The translator component has some rough edges with these 502 errors.

There must be more graceful ways to handle errors.


The GotTranslation event includes the response code. If you want to filter out errors, you should check that the response code is 200.

Beyond filtering errors, it would be nice to avoid errors with more knowledge of exactly what went wrong out of these possibilities:

  • quota exhausted
  • untranslatable input
  • empty input
  • unsupported target language code(s)
  • network problems
  • what have I missed?