Error while using Clock and Open serial - Arduino UNO

Hi, i was trying to create a slave and master application to control an Arduino UNO using 2 smartphones. But when I initialize clock (to make a loop that can read CloudDB) and open serial the app crash. If someone can help me it will be nice, THANKS! srry if I write something bad because I am bad with English.

What type of Arduino are you using, an original Arduino UNO or an Arduino clone with CH340?

It´s an original Arduino UNO. I´ts for a Wifi car with five variables.

I did something like that this time but its the same thing.

Try this example with an extension:

Your error is probably from trying to read or write serial before it’s open.

I can see some problems with your app:
.You don’t test if open returns ok. I recommend to display the open status, and to test if open before any read or write.
. You actually has to do open twice. First time to allow your app to use usb serial device, and next time to actually do the open.
.I guess the when.CloudDB.GetValue is a callback from the timer code. It will then probably execute before USB is opened.


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