Error while testing app over AI companion

Error from Companion: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: OutOfMemoryError thrown while trying to throw OutOfMemoryError; no stack trace available

we are getting this error while installing the application on an Android phone. coding and design both seem okay but still not able to rectify this. the same application developed by another student with the same coding is working.

It’s always a good idea to search the forum before posting a new topic.

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You probably have an infinite loop in your blocks somewhere

Hello Ashwin

If the other student is using the same code, what else is there that is different between the App that installs and the App that doesn't?

Do you really mean during the installation (i.e. installation does not complete, memory error is reported) or does the error occur when the App starts or after the App has been running? The devil is in the detail.

See my check list:
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