Error while running the program

I keep getting this error, but i don't know what it means? can someone help please.
calendario_settimanale (1).aia (316.2 KB)


where do you have that error? Paste the relevant blocks where the error triggers.
(you are trying to select the first item from "something" that is not a list)

this are the relevant blocks

What do you want to achieve here?

Check (using Do it) what in the content of "impegniLun".

when I type in the two text box, one is for number and the other one is for the text, and when I click on "salva" they will show in the listpicker1 in crescent order (based on the numbers). The last test I made like 3 days ago, the app didn't show any of this problems.

Use "Do it" to check the content of the list.

Looking at other topics, it seems you are (or were) using the same tag (and probably the same namespace) to store other format data:

Extracted from this topic: I would like to make the average of number in a text box using the program I have but I don't know how to. Can someone help? - #5 by ladyy

Here you are storing a list of single elements, instead of a list of pairs....the data stored in that moment, could remain in tinyDB and cause the error.
Try to clear tinyDB and test again

how can I clean tnydb?
the two topics have two different aim, the topic of yesterday it was to calculate the average, this is like a "calendar" in the form of a to do list

Yes, but if you use the same namespace and the same tag, you will be storing the data on the same place....Use, at least, a different namespace for each project and, a different Tag for each data set.

Here you have a graphical explanation of the namespaces:

The easiest way is to use this blocks:

ClearAll will clean all.
ClearTag will delete the data stored under a specific tag.

thank you a lot, it works.

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