Error while opening app

You can know about app inventor tricks here :

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Note though, you should not need 28 Screens of any kind - are any of the Screens doing the same job? Displaying images for example? If so, instead of changing to another Screen, just change the content of the Current Screen.

You can browse the App Inventor Gallery to find Apps similar to the one you are creating to get coding ideas.

The method you are using for switching screens is not right
I was also using the same earlier but it is wrong
You should close the previous screen
This way so many screens will be open in the memory which can cause your app to crash

If you are changing screens using clock timer
use this method :

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No, the screens severe various purposes.....What else can I do keeping number of Screens same?

Use different screens wisely

If you decided to use different screens, then you should switch them correctly, else you will run out of memory after a while...      
The recommended method of switching screens in App Inventor
(Thanks Taifun)
Also see demo: multiscreen.aia

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My app worked successfully........without changing number of screens.

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My pleasure :slightly_smiling_face:
but still i advice you to use virtual screens
for whatever reason you are making your app , this is always going to help you out

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Ok Sir. Will Do That.

I am not sir pls
i am too a class 7 student
but not sir still

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Can anyone give me example of virtual screen code,

Can Anyone give me example of code by which I can switch virtual screens.
Example- By clicking button 1 in virtual screen(i.e vertical arrangement 1 ), I'll go to virtual screen 2(i.e vertical arrangement 2 ). And vice versa.


Create a procedure to set all your virtual screens (every vertical arrangement) to visible = false.

When a button is clicked then call the above procedure (now every screen is invisible) and then set the screen you want to see to be visible = true.

You can do this for every button that that a user presses to switch screens.

The link I provided is to a demo app with only one screen and four virtual screens

How can I get package name of my app in mit app inventor?

Thank you everybody​:grinning::grinning:



Compiled app (APK):




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