Error while Importing my extension

I was importing an extension, a client requested me to make it, Whenever I import it, I get an error,

Extension Info :

Size : 6.7 mb
Libraries used : play-services-ads.jar, play-services-ads-base.jar, play-services-ads-identifier.jar, play-services-ads-lite.jar, play-services-basement.jar, play-services-tasks.jar

Note : I can't share code here publically, I can share it in dm

I saw all the latest admob jars are corrupted, can this be an issue


Facing same issue.


I fixed the issue by splitting the extension dependencies.
Maybe there is an aix limit of 6 mb.

:slightly_smiling_face: How to split dependencies ?

By creating dummy extensions with specific jars.
Currently you are adding all jars in one extension but now you have to use some jars in main extension and others in dummy extension(s).
However, you will have to put all those extensions in screen.


Woow Nice idea :slightly_smiling_face:


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