Error while build the source

hi guys im facing this problem when i tried to edit components and add blocks

when i keep the source as it is everything works
when i edit anything it doesn’t build

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well i fixed it by adding blocks info to odemessage but this is not a solution is there any way to do that automaticlly ?

ANYone maybe

I’m not sure why you’re seeing these errors. In master for quite some time we have had this feature called AutogeneratedOdeMessages that is constructed when the components module is built and from which OdeMessages inherits. Therefore, you should never need to add these entries because they are automatically placed into AutogeneratedOdeMessages. You should find it in build/components/ComponentTranslation/src/com/google/appinventor/client/

thanks im working on an old version that file wasn’t added then i added it now thanks for the information