Error when trying to create a view that requires XML

I read somewhere (I think GitHub Source Code) that App Inventor can get XML files or something alike from the .aar when creating an extension if you import it with the .jar? When I did this and tried creating the view, I get: "Failed resolution of: .../R$dimen"

Is there a way to fix this?

As far as I know, you can't create an extension that contains an XML File, so if you want to create a view you have to create it programmatically.

It's coming from a library....

I think XML can be imported using external library and u have only issue while adding external library tell what u did

I added both fileName.aar and fileName.jar to libs/deps and used @UsesLibraries to import the libraries.

In case of any doubt
On this topic ask it

#1. Your topic is closed, I can't ask anything if I had any questions.
#2. Your topic does not answer my question, although it it related through aars and jars, it just teaches you how to import both file types.

For anyone who is wondering why this isn't possible...

U mean XML to .aar or .jar

I've solved my question, thank you.


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