Error when trying to connect to companion

When I am trying to connect to the App inventor I receive a runtime error which I will attach below. Does anyone know how to fix this?


Welcome Liam.

You are attempting to do this tutorial BOT. Therapist Bot Tutorial .

Are you using any extensions. This app will not run as an ios app because the ios interpreter cannot use extensions. If that is not the case, share the code you have used so far as one of the steps is tripping a bug. It is impossible to guess which one without seeing what you have coded so far.

The problem is probably using dictionaries with ios. Please read JsonTextDecodeWithDictionaries Supported in IOS?

Be aware, MIT indicated in Nov. 2021 that.

Which version of Companion for ios are you using?

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Hi Steve,

Thank you so much for your quick response! I don't think I am using any extensions and I have tried running the MIT app inventor on both google chrome and safari. Would it be helpful to share the code as you said above? I am just not sure how to do that. I haven't expanded the therapist bot yet as I haven't been able to connect a companion and went over the correct code from the tutorial multiple times to check whether I completed the steps correctly. Currently I am using version 2.60 for the app on IOS. i could try TestFlight It is just asking me for a developer code.

You are using 2.60 and that might be why you cannot use dictionaries.

I do not have ios capability however I expect you can try one of these ways to run the app:

  • try TestFlight and let us know whether your app now works
  • load the app using Android; if it works in Android and not in ios, the reason is an ios bug
  • if you do not have an Android; borrow one. You might also be able to use the Android emulator (aiStarter) to test your app. Let us know if it works. If it works on an Android it should work on ios unless there is a ios bug making it impossible to create an ios version of the app.
  • ok, no extensions; at the moment it is impossible to use extensions with ios.
  • your Browser should not be an issue
  • yes, share the code and someone could test it on an Android. To share your Project aia, download the aia to your desktop. You can go to Projects>Export selected project (.aia) to my computer ; then drag the downloaded aia for your Bot project file into the communication window and then send the message.

Goog luck.

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The specific error as shown in the screenshot indicates that you have set the AlternativeText property of one of the components that provide images (like Image). This is a fairly new property to App Inventor and hasn't been implemented on the iOS companion yet, per

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