Error when move canvas image

Oke sir

Can you help me

Can you help me? About my problem

  1. If you want to save it to the app, save it there. Don't save it to /ASD/DCIM/, which does not make sense.

  2. Folders and directories cannot contain spaces.

Can I save into DCIM directly?

Read this please

If DefaultFileScope is set to App in the Designer, the image is saved in the ASD with Canvas by using only the filename (eg cancas.jpg). If DefaultFileScope is set to Shared or Legacy you must use a relative path (NOT an absolute path).

So in your case (I assume that DefaultFileScope = App), remove GetASD.AppSpecificDirectory:

But the TaifunFile extension needs an absolute (full or releative) path, so use the block above there.

Can you correct my block??

I already told you what to do!

I just want to move canvas image from private dir to shared folder like DCIM or other

Explain ...

I try to move the canvas with name and specific folder.. But I can't move. The canvas still on the folder Android/data/blablabla (same the canvas name and folder)

Or I sent to you my aia file?

As @Peter suggested


I sent you on massage my aia file

And I will try to learn your tips

I removed my blocks as something got swapped there. Here are the new ones:

The file still on Android?/data/blablabla can't move.. I used Android 10

Of course, you need to request WRITE permission on Android 10 and below.

Ou I will try that