Error when move canvas image

I already told you what to do!

I just want to move canvas image from private dir to shared folder like DCIM or other

Explain ...

I try to move the canvas with name and specific folder.. But I can't move. The canvas still on the folder Android/data/blablabla (same the canvas name and folder)

Or I sent to you my aia file?

As @Peter suggested


I sent you on massage my aia file

And I will try to learn your tips

I removed my blocks as something got swapped there. Here are the new ones:

The file still on Android?/data/blablabla can't move.. I used Android 10

Of course, you need to request WRITE permission on Android 10 and below.

Ou I will try that

Does it work with Companion for you?

Yes, does not work.. I will try on my device with Android 10.. And with write permission still can not move

Yes, another mistake from my side:

i will try that thanks

See also here:

yes thank you i will try

i cant still move the file

Post the aia or send it to me via PM.