Error when i run ant

Getting error when i run ant

626 line on build.xml in app engine

Anyone have idea about this error ?

kay, I've found the solution— it was a memory problem. I simply restarted the system, and the build was done successfully. Also, my apologies to the community; I couldn't find the solution in the existing topics initially.

One more thing, before joining the community, I didn't receive a single reply from the power user. It made me feel like I was banned or blocked or something by the community. Please reply; even a reaction is fine for me. :pensive:

You are right.

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From your history, it seems you expected an immediate response. This may not happen, the power users are not always here, on demand, nor may they all have the answer you sought. A little patience on your part may be required in future. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the clarification. I appreciate your guidance. I'll be more patient in the future. :slightly_smiling_face:

I want to reaffirm that the power users are not necessarily versed in how to build App Inventor (nor is this knowledge a requirement to be a power user) and so in many cases you will need to be patient. The core team of developers, of which I am one of four, maintain and are responsible for building the production service. My typically "office hours" are 9-5 M-F for US Eastern Time, but I do not always get to every post immediately due to a variety of factors.

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