Error when drawing on a canvas

Hello. She was doing some tests to make a side menu. With Android it was working correctly, but when I went to test it on iOS I encountered this problem.

When I click on an option, I try to draw a box in another color under the option to highlight it (apart I also rewrite the text in another color).

The point is that while the text appears correct, the box does not appear on iOS.

I have tried to draw a box with fixed values and it does not appear either.

I have also noticed that if I modify the width of the canvas and place it in pixels instead of placing it in percentage, the menu is not drawn either, although it does when I press an option (although only the selected option is drawn).

Attachment AIA.
MenuLateral.aia (7.4 KB)

Hi @Luis_Azuaga, thanks for the report and sending us a reproducible example. We'll take a look and see what might be causing the issue.

I have tried to reproduce it in a simpler example but have not succeeded.

In the same example, I have also added another canvas to the main panel and tried to draw a simple shape on it and there too it fails (although the text still draws well, the same as it draws lines, arcs and circles well)

@Luis_Azuaga Could you please let me know what device you were using as well as ios version running on it?

I couldn't tell you exactly. It was an iphone 5 from work which is no longer in my possession... I'm sorry (just as I'm sorry I didn't respond earlier, but I'm a bit out of touch with this environment at the moment)