Error when download file

Hi all,
I created an app since very long time and there was not any problem. But now there are some people complain about error when they download file from google drive:

Download_File.aia (5.4 KB)
Is there any update.

Thank you.

Osama, we have been over this in your previous thread as Chris_Stan.

You are probably using up your quotas because the files are public and being downloaded as public, and many files are being automatically downloaded.

Hello Tim,

I am so sorry to bother you I am just asking if there is another way to download the file. Because there are some people complain about the error when they download the file. and the size only kb 1.08.
Thank you a lot.

Hi Tim,

This example is to download many files. My question is to download one file after select from list picker.

Thank you Tim.

Try modifying it (consider setting noOfFiles to 1, but allowing intCounter and intDownloaded to continue to increment)