Error when connecting bluetooth to arduino HC-06

Hello, I'm creating an app that's supposed to send a message to Arduino via Bluetooth but, for some reason, it has stopped working and I can't fix it. When I try to connect the Bluetooth I get a message with an error saying that the MAC address is not valid. I've seen that other users have also had this problem but I haven't been able to find a solution.


That ':' in your text JOIN will never appear between the two parts of the text JOIN on the left side of the equals test so nothing will be sent.

But that part DOES work. My problem is with the Bluetooth.

Compare the way you load your list Pickers with one of the standard samples.

Search for FAQ Bluetooth Starter

Also see Bluetooth connectivity issue: Mobile screen goes black when searching for BT devices - #23 by rghmr_tic

I have seen other samples use Elements instead of ElementsFromString here.
Turning a list into text and back is a needless complication.

I changed it to Elements and it works, thank you very much.

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