Error vertical scroll arrangement auto scroll up to the top

I am creating a program that receives data via Bluetooth and displays it in a text box. To facilitate user navigation, I have embedded the text box in a vertical scroll arrangement. The issue is that the scroll arrangement automatically scrolls back to the top of the text box whenever I release my finger from the screen after swiping up or down. How can I resolve this problem?

How about show the new data on the top, so no need to scroll to bottom to see the update?

@Kevinkun But what if I want to check for the old data? Then I still have to scroll down

You mean always stay at some position, even if you added new data?

@Kevinkun I want the view follows the new data. I mean if the data is added at the bottom then at that time, the view will jump right to the bottom; or as you recommend, the view will be at the top when new data is added. But in the period when the text box is not receiving new data, then it must be scrollable.

then what's the problem of my suggesion?

@Kevinkun I mean, during the period when no data is added to the text box, the scroll arrangement must be scrollable. The problem is it cannot scroll, it automatically goes back to the top.

Are you sure? show me proof.

@Kevinkun this is the image of my components. I print more than 50 lines of data in the text box, but still not scrollable. Notice that I only print all of it at once so after printing, it must be scrollable but it is not (It is pretty difficult to proof that scrolling action without a video).

Why show data in a textbox? normally in a Label.

@Kevinkun it's a list of data (line 1 then new line then line 2 then new line,...). It's like a log file.

show the log on a Label....

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:astonished: :astonished: Wow it works!! Thanks a lot. But why does label work but not textbox?

Maybe because Textbox can get a focus. when Textbox lost focus, it will jump to first row.

After test, the Textbox do not scroll back to first row when lost focus.

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ok I get it. Thanks for your help again!

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