Error using Drive as a server for small audios

Hello. I've checked the threads and I can't find a suitable solution. Some individuals encountered the same problem, and unfortunately, they didn't find a solution until March this year. However, I remain hopeful that someone can assist me now.

I'm working on an app that plays over 150 short audios lasting less than 4 seconds each, with an average size of 50 Kb. I'm using Drive as the server for these audios, and the issue arises during playback.

  1. I'm using a player.
  2. The audio source is the file's link.
  3. The app works for the first approximately 30 audios, then it stops functioning, and I encounter error 702.

Solutions I've attempted:

  • I tried altering the links using: uc?id=, uc?export=, download&id=, and other options, but I always encounter the same error.
  • I also used the WEB component, but I couldn't find a solution.

My suspicions:

  • I suspect the issue lies with Drive. If it were a programming error, the app wouldn't work under any circumstances. In this case, the app functions for some plays and then hangs, throwing the error 702.
  • Perhaps Drive only accepts a certain number of requests within a period. I say this because after a few hours, more than 5, the app works again for no more than 30 audios before encountering the error once more.

If there's no solution to this error, could you please recommend a free audio server based on your personal experience? The ones I found are very complex.

This has been discussed recently here... see the suggestions there


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Thank you, I'll check it now.