Error: unrecognized method. (irritants:setMarkOrigin)

When I have my app connected to an IOS device (current version 2.64.5 and I just updated), I cannot use sprites. I get an error message each time that says:

Error from Companion: error: unrecognized method. (irritants:setMarkOrigin)

2.64.6 (build 8)

Post the aia.

It would be any aia file with a canvas and sprite. I just created a dummy app with just those components. When I try to connect the companion using my IOS device, it gives the error. When I connect with my Android or Chromebook, there's no error. All devices are updated and running the current version.

errorProject.aia (6.9 KB)

No issue here with Companion (2.64.6).

I am running 2.64.5 (build 1), which is the most recent version I can access in the App Store. Any other thoughts?

@Anke How did you get it to work. I was able to access version 2.64.6 (build 10). It still gave me the same error when I attempted to connect to my companion.


Al Companion worked normally a few days ago, but an error occurred today under the same file. Even if I changed to another file, the error still occurred.