Error: There is no method named JsonTextDecodeWithDictionaries in class Web

Hello @ewpatton,

I'm trying to decode a JSON response from an open-data API using


but I'm getting this error

invoke: no method named `JsonTextDecodeWithDictionaries' in class
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.

Any suggestions about what is going wrong? If I use JsonTextDecode everything works perfectly.

Thanks in advance,

Hi @rhumbertgz

Please make sure that you’re running companion app 2.57 or later. That method isn’t available in earlier versions of the companion.

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Thanks! I was using an emulator running companion app 2.55

In that case, you can upgrade by starting the emulator and then going to the Help menu and selecting “Update the Companion”.

I’m afraid I have to upgrade using another method, I can’t see the update option that you mentioned. Thanks any way for your time :+1:

It should be there. What do you see if you open the Help menu in App Inventor?

ohhh, I was looking at the menu in the emulator :grin:
Everything is working perfectly :+1:

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