Error text description LineString.PointsFromString

It says…
… string of the form [[longitude1,latitude1],[longitude2,latitude2]… Note the reversal of …

I think


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Yes, indeed the MIT documentation is incorrect, The format should be

[[latitude1,longitude1],[latitude2,longitude2]] as is shown in the Designer.

which indeed shows the latitude followed by the longitude coordinate.

The documentation erroneously states:

PointsFromString Set the points of the LineString from a specially-coded character string of the form: [[longitude1, latitude1], [longitude2, latitude2], …] Note the reversal of latitude and longitude versus how they are typically represented. NOT TRUE.


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Thank you both for reporting and confirming this bug :slight_smile: I’ve created a tracking issue (#2176) in case you guys want to keep up on what happens to it. I’m pretty confident we can get this fixed!

Thank you again,

@BeksOmega Is it a bug or a documentation problem? The LineString works fine provided the geocoordinates follow usual GIS convenction of latitude first and longitude second.


Ah sorry my language wasn’t very clear. Definitely a documentation problem! The reason the issue is tagged with bug is because there isn’t a documentation template. The reason I said bug in my previous post is because I’m a derp hehe.

Thank you for asking for clarification!

Oh no, showing my generation. When I was in graduate school they called us drones or research assistants.or interns :slight_smile:


This has now been fixed via #2187. I believe the fix should go out with the next release of app inventor. Thank you guys again for reporting!