Error server build

Hello, i wanna build my app but i can't. When i click build there is a text appear. The text= "Server error: couldn't save one or more file. Please try again later!" I already wait for a couple day but still can't
Is there any solution (Im sorry for my bad English)

Thank you for the response but the error still persists

Try to reload the browser and if that doesn't help, post the aia.

(Canned Reply: ABG- Export & Upload .aia)
Export your .aia file and upload it here.



Its still didnt work.
PERSIAPAN_PTS_2.aia (1.0 MB)
Sorry for the late response this is my file

Are you serious? Almost 30,000 blocks and 950 errors:

I don't think it's even possible to work reasonably smoothly on an app with AI2 that has almost 30,000 blocks on just one screen (regardless of why you're getting the error).

Sorry i think i give u the wrong file, please wait.

We have a winner:

  • Reduce your block count:
    • Use parametrized procedures for common code
    • Use Media text files instead of big clumps of text blocks
    • Use generic blocks instead of repeating component event blocks
    • Encode repeating decision patterns into lookup tables loaded from Media csv text files (does your blocks image look like a box of combs?)
    • You don't need a component for every data instance. Reuse those components.
    • If you can't fit data into a ListView or List Picker, show a small subset of the data in an Arrangement and slide it across the larger list of data.


hello sorry for the late response. can you please help check it
PERSIAPAN_PTS_2_checkpoint1.aia (1.4 MB)

i already send you a new one, can you please help check it?
PERSIAPAN_PTS_2_checkpoint1.aia (1.4 MB)

This project can not be fixes in its current design.

Start over, loading content from Media folder files and reusing one set of 5 check boxes.

and give the component a meaningful name, like btnSubmit.