Error Select list item: List index too large

Hi guys so apparently the codes below were suppose to show markers of different colors and at different locations from a list. The list will be something like this [[lat, long, a number],[lat1, long1, a number1] vice versa) however, i am getting the select list index too large. I tried to amend my index but it was not right either (image2). Please help, thank you.


blocks (5)

make sure the tinydb.getValue will return the desired value.
if it's returning a NA , the error will be popup.

I think the get item is returning the values, is there anywhere else that seems sketchy? Or sir did u mean the get global value?

show all the datapoint on a label, not only one, but all.

Use a different Namespace value for this app, for your data collection.

The Companion TinyDB is a garbage bin

Is there another routine that uses lists? I don't see you using item 0 from the list here.

You did not show how you are filling TinyDB.

For an easy fix, right after doing the plit at ==, test list length of the DataPoint split result.

If it is less than 3, skip that point.

His error indicates that he wants to take the value from index 0 of the list. In the blocks he showed, he does not take values ​​from index 0 anywhere. It looks like it has more blocks that it doesn't show.

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