Error select list item: attempt to get item number 7 of a list of length 6

Saludod MIT .. tengo el siguiente error el cual no me dejar guardar en un archivo de google sheet el cual extraigo de un archivo creado de CSV
aqui es donde lo guardo

aqui creo el archivo CSV. Agradeceria su colaboracion

What's the data in listaProvisional? are you sure there are at least 7 items in each row?

ps, your blocks photo is too blur.

Hola @Gustavo_Cortes_Balle,
as @Kevinkun said, it seems that your csv file doesn't contain 7 fields per row.
Can you please post 2 (at least) rows of such file, so to have a look to its structure ?
Kind regards.

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To fix this type of error, it is best to simplify the code. What do you get in text?



Es lo que extraigo de mi archivo .csv

Disculpa,e y como hago para encontrar el archivo CSV?

do as @Juan_Antonio suggested.

Ofrezco disculpas por la ignorancia uds tienen algun proyecto el cual me permita guardar informacion en CSV? Por que la verdad estoy pasando informacion entre Screen y los meto en variables para luego guardarlo en el archivo CSV

Hi @Gustavo,
sorry but as far as I understand, now you are not sure of the csv contents, so you ask if it is available a chunk of code about how to create it ? Here below a "simple sample" tested on a Lenovo Pad M8 Android 9. The csv files are created under the app directory. (if you have troubles remember to allow to the app the write permission in Android settings, and change the file visibility settings to "legacy" in the app designer).

Lst_to_CSV.aia (3.0 KB)

Anyway, a csv file can be opened with a simple Notepad or Notepad++, so in whichever mode you have created it, you should be able to copy a couple of rows and post them here.
Or, do as @Juan_Antonio has suggested, put the "text" into a label and post it here.
Buena suerte.