Error running locally in the browser

I just installed AppInventor 2 for Windows, I ran aiStarter as Administrator and all without problems, however, when I put the address in Firefox it throws me a 404 error code. Any ideas? Any help I would be very grateful.

Why are you doing that? Error running locally in the browser ...why are you trying to do that. MIT app inventor requires an Internet connection.

Are you following these instructions Setup computer and phone/tablet or emulator for live testing as you build ? They help you learn to use App Inventor with either Companion or using the Android emulator.

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I'm new in this development software, but I guess any good solution in this area keeps three options: Access through browser(localhost), using an emulator like qemu or genymotion or run the app under test into a phisical dispositive(smartphones, tablets, etc). But as I'm new with App Inventor, I'm very lost and I don't know how to setup it to avoid: http://localhost:8004/ with error code 405 "Method not Allowed". Any help